Where Great Strength Lies

“So Delilah said to Samson, "Please tell me where your great strength lies, and how you might be bound, that one could subdue you." - Judges 16:6

Samson is often depicted as a Bronze Age bodybuilder with an amazing physique and a commanding presence. However, the scriptures read clearly that the source was not apparent to the eye. I fully believe that he looked a lot like any other man.

When asked by Delilah where his great strength lies, Samson seems semi-confused and stated that it is tied directly to his hair. Yet in Judges 16:20 the Holy Spirit says that his strength left him when the Lord left him. Samson’s unfathomable feats of strength were possible because great strength lies with the Lord.

You and I are ordinary looking people. Yet we are called to fight the good fight against rulers, authorities, spiritual forces of evil, and this present darkness. Yet we are not to rely on our personal strength or our locks of hair. We are called to put on the whole armor of God and with Him, we can stand firm to the end.

If we wrap ourselves in God, others will see how we fare in the tempests of life that they are overwhelmed by and wonder where our great strength lies. Firstly, armor yourself fulling in God and be that example of a steadfast Christian in all of life’s battles! Secondly, never for a moment stop telling people that your great strength lies with God who can strengthen them too!