“O LORD, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill? ... who swears to his own hurt and does not change; - Psalm 15:1, 4

I have seen a shocking number of divorces in the church over the last decade or so. Some of them have been for the case of adultery. This is tragic. Christians are to be self-sacrificing, obedient, and faithful. Would we really exchange our eternal hope for a temporary earthly pleasure? Sadly, many do.

Several times I have seen people justify their actions and praise others for, “doing what is best for them.” They state, possibly very accurately, that it was a bad relationship and a detrimental marriage. I have been told, “I had to do what was best for me” and “when you know something is bad, you get out.”

David, by inspiration, asks the question “who shall dwell on [God’s] holy hill?” One of the parts of that answer is, “[those] who swears to his own hurt and does not change.” It is better to never vow, than to vow to God and not pay (Ecc. 5:4-5). That goes is marriage too! We have vowed to God. Even if it is to our own harm, we cannot change our vows if we want to dwell with God. Do not be deceived.