God's Will in My Life

God’s Will in My Life

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” - Matthew 6:10

Most often, we approach life with a look at what will bring us most joy. We do this in the houses that we buy, the cars that we drive, the vacations that we take, the clothes that we wear, the jobs that we work, and the various ways that we spend our money. Then, once we have evaluated our own joy, we consider if it will violate any of God’s laws.

This is not inherently wrong, but it is a way of approaching life to see what God will tolerate rather than looking at life to see how we can please Him best. We often hear or say, “I don’t see why I shouldn’t or could do______.” Yet we rarely ask ourselves, “What would make God the most pleased?”

Jesus lived His life to make God most pleased. He teaches us to give ourselves over to God’s will in our prayers. What would your life look like if you started making choices based on what God would want, rather than what we think God would tolerate? Would your life look different? Wouldn’t it be a good different?